Wednesdays at the B-Roof - B-Roof, Grand Hotel Baglioni, Firenze

Wednesdays at the B-Roof

Don't miss the opportunity of a journey through the scents and flavours of the world, to escape far away but without having to go miles away.
Every Wednesday, we will offer you a cocktail inspired by a different country, prepared by our mixologist Marco Pasquarella, and an accompanying food selection designed by our chef Richard Leimer. Our DJ’s live set and a tasty surprise at the end will make every evening unique and unmissable.

The first event is on 26th May and is inspired by two cocktails that sealed the American influence in Italian drinking: the Americano and the Negroni.


Below is the complete schedule of evenings planned:
2nd June - Chinese Mixing: a journey inspired by Chinese culture, according to which opposites always come together as a harmonious unit. Pairing of yin cocktail and yang gourmet dish.
9th June - Brazilian blending: a sensory journey through fruit and cachaça.
16th June - Sangria! An evening dedicated to Spain with the tasting of two fusion sangrias paired with tapas.
23rd June - A journey through the history of Gin, which originated in Holland in the 17th Century. We will offer two signature gin-based drinks, which we will also use in the food.
30th June - Tiki Night: exclusive recipes inspired by Polynesian and Hawaiian Tiki culture.
7th July - Cuban Mixing: twists on the cocktails that made the story of "La grande Isla".
14th July - Bollywood Night: cocktails inspired by the myriad of Indian curry blends in which the spices, all individually roasted, are assembled according to the Camellia Panjabi method.
21th July - Transparencies: cocktails and dishes paired in transparency.


Starting from 5pm - € 25.00 per person

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