Wednesdays at the B-Roof - B-Roof, Grand Hotel Baglioni, Firenze

Wednesdays at the B-Roof

Don't miss the opportunity of a journey through the scents and flavours of the world, to escape far away but without having to go miles away.
Every Wednesday, we will offer you a cocktail inspired by a different country and an accompanying food selection designed by our chef Richard Leimer. The music and a tasty surprise at the end will make every evening unique and unmissable.

The next event is on 15th September! Disco Fantasy: the fabulous 90s and the birth of electro dance.


Here are the next events:

22nd September - La Ley Seca: the end of prohibition in Cuba.
29th September - 17 February 1933: the cocktails created to celebrate the end of prohibition in the USA.


Starting from 5pm - € 25.00 per person

Book now your table calling +39 055 2358 8561 or send an email to: