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The B-Roof panoramic restaurant, situated on the fifth floor of the historic Grand Hotel Baglioni in Florence, represents the contemporary face of a locale with a history that is unique in the restaurant world.

The combination of grand cuisine and its exclusive location makes it a unique and unmissable place.

The chef

B-roof’s executive chef is Ligurian Richard Leimer.

He started his career on cruise ships and then progressed to more classic dining, a path that, almost 15 years ago, led him to Terrazza Brunelleschi, now known under its new name, B-Roof.

The cuisine offered by Leimer is traditional but innovative, reinventing the colours, flavours and aromas of classic Tuscan dishes by using high-quality products from the local area. 

Our history

“23rd June 1952. I am seated on the terrace of the Hotel Baglioni, in love with my wife. It is 10 p.m.”

Thus begins Paolo il caldo [Paolo unbound, also known as The Sensual Man], the celebrated Italian novel by Vitaliano Brancati, published in 1955. Over half a century ago, the Baglioni’s terrace was therefore so well known that it was mentioned in the opening lines of the book of a great novelist.

B-Roof is the heir to this long tradition, which has over the course of the years assumed names of historical significance for the city of Florence, such as Astrolabium and Terrazza Brunelleschi.

The restaurant’s new direction focuses not only on reinventing its identity, which has been static for far too long, but also on attracting a much more diverse target group than it has in the past.